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Get A Useful Credit Card In Baton Rouge

It’s about that time. Time to get yourself a credit card! However, how do you get the process started? Why should you anyway? You might feel pressure to get a credit card, however, no one seems to be saying why. Why should you get a credit card in Baton Rouge?

Essential FCU would like to take this chance to let you know exactly how. Getting yourself a credit card can make things better for your future—but only if you’re a responsible spender.

How Credit Cards Help You Out

There seem to be a few things you just do as an adult. Pay bills, get a job, and get a credit card. But how exactly does a credit card help you out in life?

Used correctly, a credit card is a perfect way to build credit. And when you have good credit, the benefits can really roll in. For example, you could receive better interest rates on mortgages and auto loans.

Credit itself is necessary for adult life. Without credit, you’ll find it impossible to buy a car, rent a house, or make hotel reservations. Well, you won’t be able to without an immense amount of difficulty. Also, without credit, you’ll find yourself paying multiple additional fees on things such as new homes and deposits. Whether you have no credit or need to repair bad credit, a credit card is a good idea for your future.

Essential FCU Credit Cards

At Essential FCU, you can choose between multiple credit card options. Currently, we offer three different cards to choose from. Each has their own strengths and are useful depending on what kind of spender you are.

  • VISA Titanium: Our premium low rate card. It’s loaded with extras that compliment its convenience and affordability.
    • Premium low rate.
    • Credit line up to $30,000.
  • VISA Platinum: This card rewards you for each dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for physical rewards such as gift cards and merchandise. So, reward yourself with every dollar spent!
    • Earn one reward point for every dollar you spend.
    • Points don’t expire for three years.
    • No cap on the number of points you can earn.
    • Credit line up to $30,000.
  • VISA Share Secured: Establish or rebuild your credit with this card. You can choose the limit by securing your credit card with a deposit in a savings account. Perfect for a person’s first credit card.
    • Minimum of $500 to open

Our cards don’t have application fees and we offer several other benefits. These include free balance transfers, a 21-day grace period on new purchases, and free online account access in Online Banking. So grab one today to keep your credit flowing!

Get A Credit Card in Baton Rouge

Having a credit card in Baton Rouge is easier than you’d think. If you’re interested in a credit card from Essential FCU, make sure to apply today!

Do you happen to have a question or two for us? You can contact us directly here or call us at 225.353.8238. Get a credit card today for a better tomorrow.