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A Short History of Dow Credit Union

With the new year settling in, Essential Federal Credit Union is coming up on our 47th year. We’ve been thinking—many of our new members don’t know our history! It’s about time we have a refresher on where we started and also who we’ve become. We weren’t always called Essential FCU until fairly recently, for example. Perhaps our older members can remember who we used to be. Our story began when we started as Dow Credit Union. So please, sit back and let us tell you the short history of Essential.

From Humble Beginnings to Today

Our credit union comes from small beginnings. In the year 1972, a small group of Dow Chemical employees came together with a purpose. Filled with determination, they began “Dow Federal Credit Union.” The Dow Credit Union began in full force. Driven by intent and dedication to build an institution that provided financial services, a sense of community, and low costs.

Our humble beginnings as Dow Credit Union

Since our beginning over forty years ago, we have gained more than 27,000 members and over $330,000 in assets! We’ve been able to keep a level of stability allowing us to open up seven locations across Louisiana. These locations are found in:

In 2015, Dow Credit Union officially changed names to Essential Federal Credit Union. We made this decision because we wanted to reflect how we wanted to present to others. Not as just another union, but as Essential! We feel that we’ve achieved that. And we’re only looking up from here!

What We Provide

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve come a long way. Today, we offer a multitude of services so our members feel completely taken care of. Some examples of what we provide include:

  • Deposit Accounts
    • Saving, Checking, or Money Market accounts! With mobile and online banking, you can reach any of these with ease.
    • Certificates or CDs
    • IRAs for a solid investment
  • Business Banking
    • These services are best equipped to help your business and services.
  • Loans
    • Business, Mortgage, Credit Cards—you name it!
  • eBanking
  • And other services!
    • Such as Insurance and Investments

As time goes on, we’re working towards adding more services! Above all, the comfort of our members is our top priority. For them, we constantly try to be a better Federal Credit Union.

Contact Essential Federal Credit Union Today!

If you’re looking for a trustworthy banking experience, look no further! Essential Federal Credit Union is always recruiting new members. If you fit all of our standard requirements, feel free to apply now to become a member. However, if you’re already a member and would like to apply for a loan or a credit card, choose what you need here! Have another question for us? Call us at 1.888.369.2207 or email us at Also, don’t forget to check out our Facebook for any and all news and events! Because Essential Federal Credit Union puts our members first. Because you should never feel put out in banking.