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Prepare For A New School Year With A Credit Card In New Roads

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The school year is right around the corner, but what does that mean for you? That means new school supplies, possibly new textbooks, new school uniforms (since your children have since grown out of last year’s pants), and possibly even more new expenses you have not had in a few months. Maybe you’re even paying tuition and a new school year means more payments toward that. How can you cope with so many expenses? You can secure your financial situation with a new personal credit card in New Roads from Essential FCU!

Your Credit Card In New Roads Can Give You Peace Of Mind

One of the most important parts of owning a credit card is the ability to make payments at a later time. With so many potential school-related purchases in a short period of time, you may start to get overwhelmed. A credit card could help to hold some of that burden until you are comfortable reconciling the payments. The school year is stressful enough for parents and students, Essential FCU believes you shouldn’t be stressed about the expenses.

Building Credit With Essential FCU

Parents of high school grads or college students, you may be looking to give your child their first credit card pretty soon. With their first credit card, they can start slowly building their own credit! One day, they could be approved for a low interest rate for their first car! Maybe you’ll want to give them a card for your own personal credit line, Essential Federal Credit Union can do that, too.

With the Visa Share Secured credit card, you can even create their credit limit with a simple deposit into a CD or savings account. This is a great card for those first-time credit card holders to start establishing their own credit. This card has no annual fee, which is perfect for your student and will cut down on annual expenses for him.

In addition to the Share Secured credit card, Essential FCU offers other options for what you’re looking for – you can read more about them here and apply right from the website!

Contact Essential FCU Today For Your Credit Card Needs!

Essential FCU is prepared to answer any questions you may have about our application process for your credit card in New Roads, making payments, credit card types, as well as any others you may have. Our friendly staff is only a phone call away at (225) 353-8238 or you can choose to send us an email. Connect with us today to get started and you’ll be all set to be financially secured for this upcoming school year!