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What Can You Do With Online Banking?

When you’re stuck at home or just can’t find another reason to leave the house, the internet seems like a saving grace. It can be especially helpful when it comes to essentials like paying bills and managing money. At Essential Federal Credit Union, we’re always looking to the future. This is why we offer all of our members the chance to take advantage of our eServices. But what can you do with them? Find out with your trustworthy Louisiana federal credit union near Hammond, Baton Rouge, Walker, and more

The Internet Makes Things Easier

The future is here, and it comes in the form of our eServices! With everything going on, the internet is our best friend. So, why not banking? With this 24-hour service, you can utilize a multitude of services such as:

  • eBanking: Access all of your accounts and update your personal information.
  • ePay: Pay all your bills from one place.
  • Purchase Rewards: Enjoy discounts tailored to specifically to your spending habits!
  • eTransfers: Transfer your cash between our institution and over to others. After all, it’s your money. Why shouldn’t you decide what to do with it?
  • eMoney: Make person-to-person payments easily with just a phone number or email address.
  • eStatements: Keep all of your bank statements in one convenient place.
  • eBudget: Do you have a hard time managing your cash? We have what you need! This free money management software is designed to give you the help you need.
  • eAlerts: Stay updated and help avoid fees.

Thankfully, we live in a time where such things are possible. With these capabilities, you don’t have to worry about risking yourself or others. Take advantage of our eServices today, and do all your banking from the comfort of your home.

Not To Tech-Savvy?

We also have options for those who are a little more old school. So don’t worry about getting lost in times of trouble. 

For example, why not use our convenient telephone banking services? By calling 225.353.6918, you can use a number of our services such as:

  • Checking/Savings Balance
  • Loan Payoff
  • Transfers
  • Recent Transactions
  • And more!

And, to make things easier, it’s all done with the use of an automated system. So you don’t have to worry about awkward interactions or security threats. 

Additionally, mobile banking is available for use at Essential. All you have to do is download our app to begin your mobile banking experience. From here, you can sign in with your online banking credentials and use features such as:

  • Depositing Checks
  • Transfers
  • Viewing Statements
  • Earn Cash Back

There are so many things you can do with mobile banking. But the main benefit is you can do it from anywhere as long as you have your phone. Have a question about how telephone, mobile, or online banking works? Get in touch with us! Our Louisiana federal credit union is here to help you no matter if you’re in Hammond, Watson, Central, or more.

Start Banking Online At Our Louisiana Federal Credit Union

Take advantage of banking wherever you go with our eServices. Do you have a question about these services or the other services we offer? Feel free to call the office closest to you. Because we’re here to help you, no matter where you are or what form of banking you prefer. So, start banking smart with us today!