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Ring In The New Year With Business Loans in Baton Rouge

With the New Year so comes the season of change! And what better way to kick it off than with a business loan from our team at Essential Federal Credit Union? We want to help you propel your 2020 business strategy to new heights with the proper funding. Whether you need a microloan to cover general day to day business costs or financing for new office construction in Baton Rouge—our loan experts have your back. We want to help your business come into its own and become a force to be reckoned with. Check out the array of business loans we have to offer you this year! 

The Essential Business Loans We Offer 

At Essential, we make sure our loan offerings are what you need as a business owner. Discover how easy the process is by looking into our current business loan offerings:

  • Commercial Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans: If you need the funding to build the office of your dreams in 2020, we’re here for you. Let our experts tell you about the ins and outs of this loan.
  • Term Loans For Business Expansion: Is 2020 the year of expansion for your business? Are you looking to build a new location, update your equipment, or get more company vehicles? If so, it’s time to look into a business expansion loan.
  • Business Lines of Credit: Money makes the world go round. Do yourself a favor and open a line of credit for short-term working capital. Doing this allows you the flexibility of covering additional inventory, payroll gaps, and special projects if the need arises.
  • Small Business Loans: The little guys need help too. That is why we want to empower our local small business owners and strengthen our local economy. We accomplish this with various small business administration programs. This also includes 7(a) loans and express loans. 
  • Louisiana Economic Development Guarantee Loans: Keeping it local by elevating small businesses in our home state is just another thing we value at our core. After all, we are a Louisiana family. LED loans allow for expansion and retention of the local businesses that make our state what it is. 

Allowing yourself to stay competitive as a business has never been so easy. Get the ball rolling on your business loan today by applying online. 

Other Services 

It’s important for our team at essential to stay relevant and broad with our offerings. That’s why we offer various service lines that become more granular with your needs. We like to consider our selves a one-stop financial shop for everything from: 

That is just to name a few. Being diverse in our financial offerings means we are for in-tune with the needs of the masses. After all, one size fits all is not always the most inclusive and accommodating business model. Learn more about the Essential difference and elevate your financial freedom.

Contact Essential For Your Business Loan Needs In Baton Rouge

Our Essential family hopes you have a happy 2020. If you have any questions for our team, please call 1-888-369-2207 or email our team at At Essential, we’re working to elevate banking for businesses to a new level. Make sure you stay ahead of the curve with our local community credit union!