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Why You Should Get A Mortgage In Baton Rouge

Everyone has heard the word “mortgage” since they were young. However, not everyone sat down and found out what it is. They just know to be nervous about it. But there’s no need to be! That being said, why should you get a mortgage in the first place? What can it really do for you? We know how to help at Essential Federal Credit Union. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more.

What Is A Mortgage?

Frankly, a mortgage is a loan that pays for a home or real estate. Usually, these come with a fixed rate and are paid off in 15 or 30 years. The rates for your mortgage are determined by your credit score, down payment, and the current index rates. If you can’t pay for your home all at once or need to manage your finances a little better, mortgages are here for you.

Essential Mortgage In Baton Rouge

Currently, Essential FCU offers eight loans to choose from. Each has its own rules and work for different situations. Be sure to look into each one before choosing a mortgage for your home!

  • Rural Development. Located in a rural area? We have a loan for you! No money down and no maximum loan amount, this loan is perfect for any buyer.
  • FHA Loan Program. Our most flexible mortgage product! No income limits or location restrictions, it’s great for a first home.
  • Home Equity. Get cash out of your home to consolidate your debts!
  • Smart Saver Mortgage. No PMI, no down payment, and more. This is loan is only available for a limited time, so apply today!
  • Jumbo Loan Program. If your home costs more than a pretty penny, get a jumbo loan!
  • Conventional – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Programs. These programs are designed to bring global capital to local communities.
  • Fannie Mae’s HomeReady Program. This plan was designed for creditworthy, low-income borrowers in mind.
  • VA Loan Program. A loan specifically for veterans. You sacrificed for our country, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice when it comes to financing.

Any one of these could be the key to getting more for you and your family. To obtain these loans, your insurance must first be verified. Visit here to get started. Apply online or at one of our branches to get the best mortgage in Baton Rouge!

Questions About Mortgages?

We get it, mortgages can be scary. There are a lot of questions swimming around them. And there should be! When it comes to your home and finances, you should ask every question you can think of. Check out our FAQ about mortgages in Baton Rouge and quell your fears.

Contact Essential FCU Today!

Interested in applying for a mortgage with us? Feel free to come to one of our six branches to apply or apply online! Have a question for us that we didn’t answer before? Please call us at 225.353.8238 or shoot an email at Getting a mortgage doesn’t have to be a scary situation. Let us help you get a great mortgage in Baton Rouge.