Education is Essential

Why Your Credit Union Is A Better Choice for Your Mortgage

Why Your Credit Union Is A Better Choice for Your Mortgage, mortgage baton rouge“Mortgage” is a scary word. It’s weighty with responsibility. You have so many decisions when purchasing a home. Home location, size, interiors, as well as how to actually pay for it are all considerable. Picking a lending institution can be as important as choosing where to live (but no pressure!). It’s a good idea to shop around when choosing your mortgage lender. You want to ensure it’s the relationship and business deal you’re most comfortable with.

Lenders, banks, brokers, and credit unions can all offer your mortgages. You owe it to your future to make the most informed decision possible concerning your home loan.

Credit Unions Are Here For YOU

At Essential Federal Credit Union, we only answer to our members. Banks and other institutions have to answer to stockholders, investors and boards. Their best interests wildly differ from yours. Our members are always on your side. We offer the online conveniences the big guys offer (automatic payments! online applications!) balanced with the personal touch and customer service of a local business.

Stop, Look, and Educate

We know you’ve heard the phrase, “Knowledge is power.” (Francis Bacon said this, in case you were curious.) If you’re a first-time homebuyer, the first thing you should do is educate yourself. At Essential FCU we believe strongly in education. EVERYONE should be informed about the home-buying and mortgage-lending processes. That’s why we offer free seminars and workshops to empower the community. You don’t even have to be one of our members to attend! But if you do become a member, you’ll have access to Balance Pro, an online financial education program. Financial fitness is like physical fitness—it needs exercise!

The Better Choice for Your Biggest Investment

Once you’re knowledgeable (and thus powerful), it’s time to pick the right option for you. Essential FCU offers more options so you can customize your mortgage. Not sure if a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage is right for you? Check out our Mortgage FAQs. Not even sure if you can afford a mortgage right now? Play with our Mortgage Calculator or contact us for a free pre-qualification. You can start your home search with confidence. And if you’re ever confused, an answer from one of our loan officers is just a phone call away!

Essential FCU for All Your Essentials

Essential FCU serves the Great Baton Rouge community with seven physical locations. We’ve been operating since 1972 and over the years have grown to 27,000 members and more than $330 million in assets. We use those assets to help members get what they want out of our financial institution. You can also follow us on Facebook for more information nuggets and to get a feel for our community. Call 1.888.369.2207 to learn more. We can also help with other loans, insurance, investments, and personal or business banking.