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Credit Card Comparison

Credit Card Comparison baton rouge, essential federal credit union
Looking to Get a Credit Card?

If you are in the market for a new credit card, or are looking to become a first time credit card owner, Essential Credit Union offers several credit card options so that you have the flexibility to pick the best one for you. To learn more about each type that we offer, visit the Credit Cards page on our website. Below we have provided a credit card comparison so that you can get an idea of what each credit card offers.

VISA Titanium

The VISA Titanium is a great card for customers who need the most spending power available. There are many different extra features and benefits that make it “the whole package”. The best part? The extra features come at no additional cost! Here is a list of the different features that you will receive if you get a VISA Titanium credit card today:

  • No application or membership fees
  • No balance transfer fees or annual fees
  • Concierge Services
  • Premium Benefits
  • Credit Line up to $30,000
  • My Rewards that go towards every dollar you spend
  • Price protection for purchases
  • Optional credit protection
  • Travel and emergency assistance and roadside dispatch
  • Online bill payments and account access in eBanking
VISA Platinum

Your VISA Platinum card will not only pay you for every dollar that you spend, but will provide convenient credit card features such as a 25-day grace period on purchases and the ability to view monthly statements online. Other benefits include:

  • Credit line up to $15,000
  • No application or memberships fees
  • My Rewards for every dollar you spend
  • Premium benefits
  • No balance transfer fees or annual fees
  • Optional credit protection
  • Online bill payments and account access in eBanking
VISA Share Secured

A VISA Share Secured card is perfect for establishing or rebuilding credit. It gives you the ability to choose your credit limit by securing your credit card with a deposit into an interest-bearing CD or Savings account. Some of the benefits of a VISA Share Secured card include:

  • Fixed low rate
  • No annual fee
  • Self-selection of credit limit
  • No application or membership fees
  • No balance transfer fees or annual fees
  • Reports to all three major credit bureau’s monthly

If any of these credit cards seem to fit your financial needs, then click here to apply today!

Contact Us About Our Credit Card Comparison

Not only do we give you options when it comes to credit card comparison, but we also provide great features such as Manage My Card, My Rewards, Verified by VISA and Prepaid VISA cards. If you have any questions about the credit card comparison we provided in this blog post, or our credit cards in general, feel free to contact us today!