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Considering A Mortgage Loan in Baton Rouge?

Get Access To A Mortgage Loan in Baton Rouge

Navigating the maze of home ownership can be overwhelming. What’s a good interest rate? How much should I put up for a down payment? What even is a mortgage? In order to make the best decision, make sure you’re armed with all the essential information. First things first, gather all your current financial information together so that you can have a comprehensive understand of all your assets, your debt, and your monthly spending. Getting a mortgage loan in Baton Rouge doesn’t have to be a mystery if you seek help. Understanding where you are now will help you plan for the future.

Let’s Talk Mortgage Loans

Now that you have a better understanding of your personal finances, start to gather information on a mortgage loan in Baton Rouge. There are many types of loans to consider, but here is a basic view of those offered by Essential Federal Credit Union:

  • Conventional: low interest + great opportunity
  • Fannie Mae Home Ready Program: low-moderate income applicants
  • FHA Loan: no income or location restrictions
  • VA Loans: veteran benefits include home loans
  • LA CAFA HOME Loan Grant: 4% financial assistance
  • In-House Fixed: fixed rate mortgages up to 30 years

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What Comes Next?

Once you start to get an understanding of mortgages, what should you do next? Talk to people. People who have already bought homes. And those who are currently trying to buy their first home. Most importantly, talk to your bank. When looking for a Mortgage Loan in Baton Rouge, we suggest giving one of the friendly agents at Essential Federal Credit Union a call or email. Their goal is to provide you with useful, accurate information so that you can make a decision that’s smart for you and your family.

Take a Deep Breath

Home buying is a stressful but ultimately rewarding process. The decisions you make about your mortgage today can affect your financial health in the future. Don’t make that decision alone. Trust the experts at Essential Federal Credit union to help you find the right mortgage loan in Baton Rouge.

Take the Next Step Today

If you’re ready to take the next step in homeownership and want to learn more about mortgage loans in Baton Rouge, give us a call today to set up an appointment by dialing (225) 353-8238 or email us