Education is Essential

A Community Oriented Credit Union In Central, LA

The city of Central in Greater Baton Rouge is one of Louisiana’s quaintest small towns. Andy Griffith’s Mayberry comes to mind for those who long for time to slow down. Its tight-knit community is rooted in “How are you?” and “I hope the family is well!” among highschool football and rural landscapes. Sometimes the old ways of courtesy, simplicity, and family are the virtues that keep us going. 

At Essential Federal Credit Union, these hallmarks of Central hold true. We are a credit union that believes in the community. Therefore, we operate in a manner in which everyone is greeted with a “How are you?” “Have a nice day!” and “I hope the family is well!” 

Our Difference

At Essential, we pride ourselves on having an array of offerings to meet the standards of everyone’s financing needs. If you’re old-school and like handling your finances face to face, then we are the credit union for you. That being said, we are still a credit union for the modern-day. Our various eServices make handling your finances from your mobile device, desktop, laptop, or tablet very simple and straightforward. Need a loan? We offer a variety of types to fit your needs. Whether you’re concerned about your personal finances, or you need help handling your business finances, we have you covered at Essential FCU. Apply now to experience the difference.

Additional Services 

You didn’t think we were done, did you? Not even close. Our other services could be summed up simply as a “Wow Factor!” With everything from: 

  • Debt Protection – We offer various debt protection products to insure your money stays in your pocket and not someone else’s. 
  • Investment Options – We believe your money should work FOR you. Check out all the ways we can make that happen! 
  • Financial Resources – knowledge is power and we believe our members should have access to various free financial tools to educate themselves. That’s right, we said free! 
  • Buying Vehicles – Yep, we post vehicles for sale. Bid now! 

It’s important to get everything you can out of your financial institution and not just what it wants you to get out of it. So, see what other services we can do for you today!

Get Essential Federal Credit Union In Central, LA 

It’s important when you live in a smaller city such as Central to have someone you can trust looking over your finances. Call Essential today at 1-888-369-2207 or email us at to get the ball rolling on your membership. For additional inquiries or concerns call our main line at 225-353-8238. Remember, at Essential you are not just a member—you are family. Now, isn’t that just a hot slice of apple pie to the soul?