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Take Part In The Best Online Banking Experience in Baton Rouge

Although online banking services have been around officially since 1994, many would be surprised to know the evolution of the eBanking process even pre-dates the invention of the internet. But jump into the modern world of today and you can find banking conveniently in the palm of your hands. As a Baton Rouge local, it might be time to ask yourself “what is my online banking experience like?” If the answer happens to be “less than ideal” then it’s about time to look into a financial institution that provides the next level of online banking. Traditional banks might not be the thing for you after all. At Essential Federal Credit Union, we provide an array of online services to help you navigate your finances. Find out why we set the standard in Baton Rouge!

The History of Online Banking

The first iteration of online banking actually pre-dates the internet. Yes, you read that correctly! In 1981, a collective of banks in New York City—specifically Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Chemical Bank, and Manhattan Hanover—all made home banking services available to their patrons. But it was not until the internet was invented in 1983 that the first internet banking service was introduced by the Bank of Scotland. Fast forward to 2006 and a good majority of banks and credit unions in the United States provide internet banking services. 

The Online Banking Solution At Essential

Our team at Essential FCU believes in providing convenience to your financial life. In doing so, we like to provide our members with a multitude of eService options such as: 

  • eBanking: Online banking has never had so many bells and whistles. Feel free to customize everything from “nicknames” to your account information. Update everything in a matter of seconds and whenever it suits your schedule. So do yourself a favor and enroll today
  • eMobile: Your accounts are now accessible via your tablet and/or smartphone. Do everything from transferring funds, depositing checks, and viewing your statements all in the palm of your hand. Download our free Essential app within the app store to get started. 

Our online banking solutions start the moment you sign up as a member. As a member of our institution, you are backed by our guaranty for the safety and security of your finances. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a better banking experience.

Get The Best Online Banking In Baton Rouge 

Essential FCU provides an online banking experience that will satisfy your various needs for convenient on-the-go banking! Take a step into banking freedom by filling out an application, giving our support staff a call at 1.888.369.2207, or via email at Our Baton Rouge branch is located on Siegen Lane, in the shopping complex next to Target. Get Essential Federal Credit Union for the best online banking experience that Baton Rouge has to offer.