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Back to School Essentials

Living on campus is one of the best experiences possible for new college students. Convenient location to classes, the dining hall, friends that will last a lifetime, and many other perks come with it.

But with moving out for the first time and heading to school, a dorm room can be both exciting and overwhelming. Essential is here to help make your life easier by providing a simple dorm room checklist for those items you might not think of.

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  • Reading pillow: you will spend most of your time trying to do school work in bed, convincing yourself you won’t fall asleep. Reading pillows help.
  • Mattress topper: because the mattress that comes with your dorm will be no Tempurpedic.
  • Room-darkening curtains: for those rare times you get to sleep in or nap in-between classes
  • Desk lamp and/or bedside lamp: so you won’t bother your roommate with an overhead light when they’re ready for bed.
  • Fan: you and your roommate will never agree on temperature settings. For this reason, also have a snuggie/onesie/sweatshirt just in case.


  • Under bed storage trays/containers: to maximize the very, very limited space.
  • Alarm clock: your phone will let you down at times.
  • Wireless headphones: for your TV – your roommate will thank you. Bonus points if they also serve as noise canceling, or you’ll find out the hard way that the band warms up at 7 a.m. outside of your window before home games.
  • Extension cord/surge protector: two people, only one outlet each –  enough said.
  • Mini fridge: heading to the dining hall every time you eat isn’t practical. Keep snacks and drinks on-hand in your room, especially on-the-go breakfast items so you can hit ‘snooze’ more often.
  • Dry-erase board: for others to leave messages for you, to let your roommate know when you’ll be back, or to keep a to-do list and reminders.
  • Mini toolkit: with a screwdriver, hammer, wrench and other quick-fix tools. You’ll be surprised how often you reach for it.


  • Shower caddy and shower shoes: for carrying toiletries to the restrooms and, yes, shower shoes really are a must.
  • Handheld steamer: because ironing is so 1970s and there will be days when looking like a slob isn’t an option. Tip: if the steamer isn’t cutting it, use a hair straightener to iron out those stubborn creases.
  • Laundry basket: one that is comfortable to carry long distances and collapsible to tuck away.
  • Change for laundry: most of these antique-like machines still only take quarters.
  • Full length mirror: because, surprisingly, these are not standard issue. Your dorm will most likely come furnished with a twin XL bed frame and mattress, dresser and desk.

Remember these extra items and tips and you’re sure to rock the dorm life – easy. For the more complicated questions about things like credit scores, 401ks, and interest rates, come visit us at Essential Federal Credit Union.