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10 Quick Tips to Organize & Declutter Your Home

Discard Decorations

2020 was the year we all had time to decorate and needed a change of scenery in our home.  If you have holiday decorations you did not use, it may be time to donate those items.  Store used decorations in labeled or clear totes according to the holiday for easy access next year.

Create a Designated Donation Bin

As you clean out and reorganize, you will want a designated donation bin to quickly place discarded items.  A box or empty tote will work perfectly.  Consider keeping it near your back door or garage so it can easily be grabbed for donation on your way out.

Pitch the Paper

In a digital world, paper still tends to accumulate.  Shred any documents that can be obtained digitally or are no longer needed and file documents that truly need to be saved.

Kick the Kitchen Appliances

We all know how novel a grilled sandwich maker is and who wouldn’t want homemade quesadillas from their quesadillas maker every night but be honest with yourself. Do these small kitchen appliances really get used or do they just take up a lot of space making it difficult to find the appliances you really do use? Cake pop maker…to the donation bin!

Can Useless Containers

Make sure your food storage containers all have matching lids, chuck the ones without lids. Container sets that nestle are best for staying organized. Recycled butter containers and jars can be so tempting to save, but cull the majority to keep down the clutter.

Expel Expired Food

Get your pantry and fridge under control by throwing out expired food or food you had intentions on eating…like those rice cakes way in the back. Check with your local food bank before throwing way. Some will accept slightly expired, unopened nonperishable food.

Unload What’s Under the Sink

Take everything out that has been piling up in the storage under your sink. You may find objects you 1) forgot you had and 2) no longer need (like vinyl floor cleaner when you currently have all tile floors).  Put everything you keep in organized bins so you can easily find the items you use most.

Give Old Personal Care Products the Boot

Personal care products like nail polish, lotion and makeup do not have expiration dates, but they do lose their effectiveness and can even grow bacteria in the product over time.  Throw away anything that has past its prime or you know will no longer be used.

Do you have 5 hair brushes, but only use “the good one?” Why do we keep 4 pair of tweezers, but only 1 pair works?! Free up drawer space by keeping only your favorite utensils.

Toss the Towels

There are towels you use…and the stack of towels you never use.  When you have cabinets overflowing with towels, putting away laundry can become a bigger chore than it has to be. While there is a big internet debate on how many towels a person should own, 3-4 per person tends to be the standard answer. When donating, local animal shelters will gladly take unwanted towels off your hands.

Unload what’s Under the Bed

Under-bed storage is ideal for out-of-season clothing. But when out-of-season becomes out-of-sight and out-of-mind, clear out those clothes you’ll never wear again from this precious storage space.